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In General

DOORWAY Media Channel is the first Ukrainian media resource that focuses on the internal and external door market. We have the following channels for B2B promotion: Telegram Channel, Viber Public, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

Our Service

Our services include consulting, analytics, news, and rankings of the Ukrainian market.


We cordially invite manufacturers of raw materials, decorative materials such as PP/PVC/PET films, finish foil, veneer, coatings, different equipment, hardware, and other related products to cooperate with us and promote their businesses in Ukraine.


Our main advantage is that we have a base of 3000 followers, who are retail outlets in Ukraine that specialize in selling doors. These followers represent our ultimate target audience without any doubt.

Promote Your Product

We firmly believe that the retail trade is where money and income are generated. Therefore, if we can attract and interest these retail stores, we can tackle any problem related to promoting your products on the Ukrainian market.

Thank you!

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