V. Ukrainian Doors Market History


The new path to market growth was prolonged. However, after a decline, there is always an upswing. Moreover, the increase was not so much due to the amount of consumption in the domestic market, but due to the change in the structure of sales towards more expensive doors, jambs, and profiles, as well as the opening of new export markets.

Growth was first felt in the second half of 2020 and wanted to improve, but the pandemic in the spring of 2021 brought everything to nothing. In the second half, the market tried to catch up with the loss after the pandemic, at least in money volume, and this was not unattainable according to the data of wholesale distribution sales. At the same time (according to insider information) sales, such as Epicenter Trade Network, decreased by 5% in 2021 in terms of quantity, but in monetary value, they had a small increase. This proves that traditional retail door store has been taking market share away from the DIY channel.

​​❌❌❌ The WAR destroyed everything. Someone fell under the occupation, someone suffered from destruction, someone evacuated... Now, I estimate the decline of the domestic national market to be no less than 50%, from the same period before the war. But, most probably, the drop is closer to 60%.

Adaptation is underway, but not as fast as we would like. The real indicator of adaptation today is export, and its growth compared to the first year of the war (2022). Let's look later at this indicator later.


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